Sunday, May 31, 2009

Art Cafe: This Sunday, June 7

Tell Me a Story: Narrative in Art
Sunday, June 7
11am -1pm
At my home studio in Eastlake
Email me to reserve your spot

The desire to hear and to tell stories is fundamentally human, which perhaps accounts for the persistence of narrative art despite periods when it has been unfashionable. What does 'narrative' mean in a visual context? Are 'narrative' and 'abstract' mutually exclusive? Let's look at a range of work from Greek sculpture to tapestries, cartoons to color field, history paintings to contemporary art - and see if we can stretch and redefine what it means to tell a story in a visual medium. I suspect surprises await us. 
Join me for this informal discussion in my studio with a view. Refreshments provided. You don't need to know a thing about the topic, or about art - just be interested in listening, trying ideas, and eating tasty snacks. Your friends are welcome, too.

Please bring any books, postcards, objects that you feel might relate to our topic. All ideas and contributions are appreciated.
A Bigger Splash
David Hockney
Acrylic on canvas
242.5 x 243.9 cm (95 1/2 x 96 in)

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