Monday, August 3, 2009

Ice drawings and hamburgers

It was a beautiful day, not windy, not too hot, perfect for Mike and Cathy Casteel's summer art party at their gorgeous home on Vashon Island. The ferry ride  brought that sea air smell, and the drive through the winding, hilly roads made me want to ride my bike.

At the party, I met a number of local artists whose names I've heard - Claire Cowie, Lisa Buchanan, Tom deGroot, Mark Bennion, and Hans Nelsen among them. It was a treat to not only have a conversation with an artist about their work, but then get to visit pieces of their work hanging in the house. Cathy and Mike have built a substantial collection. What I love is that their personalities and genuine excitement about collecting art for the pleasure of it come through in every selection they have made. 

Actual art-making occurred when someone handed Claire and Leo's two year old daughter, Tabitha,  an ice cube to cool off her hot feet on the patio and she immediately started drawing with it. I joined in. If you want one of our creations, you'll have to hire us for a performance. Or make your own...

The hamburger was another highlight, I've been craving one all week. Followed by fresh berry compote on a biscuit, with a brownie on the side. Yum.

Thanks to Cathy and Mike for their generous hosting and for sharing the sublime view and day with all of us. Happy summer.

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