Sunday, February 22, 2009

Denyse Schmidt
Drunk Love in a Log Cabin
Couture Quilt

Here is one of 
Denyse Schmidt's beautifully crafted, Gee's Bend-influenced quilts. It's interesting to compare what effect high craftsmanship has on design. Looking at her handmade "couture" line, are they more, or less, interesting than the Gee's Bend handmade quilts? just as interesting? more beautiful? more impressive? are they art? does it matter? are they something different, with a different intent?  Can we separate the kind (not necessarily 'level') of craft from the work? I think it's fascinating to consider the questions that arise from the issue of craft in relation to art. I don't have it all sorted out in my mind yet, but I'm enjoying musing. 

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